The Simple Things.

The way your upper lip goes up,
As you itch your nose.
Watching you stand on my bed,
As you strike a pose.
Hearing you say you’re so thirsty,
You could drink a whole lake.
Yet a bottle of water takes you half a day.
Starting a conversation with you is the absolute best.
Especially, when I know you have to pee.
I like when you talk random.
You go off in long sentences.
I watch in awe.
Then you smile.
Ask if I understand,
Then continue your reasons the world should be better.

You talk of wanting to grow old,
But only if you get to look the same.
I think of forever being the same,
But I fear each day we grow old.
You say you want us to stay in,
But complain we never go out.
You dress up to go out,
But we end up staying in.
I want to take you everywhere.
Show you all the places I’ve been,
Where I was and wished you were with me.
I want to learn your favorite dance.
So I can randomly spin you around in public.
I like when you wink at me,
It makes me feel like I don’t know you.
Well, like I know you,
But don’t really know you.
It’s exciting.
I like when you say “bless you”,
When I cough.
Then tell me — I should have sneezed.
Either happy or sad I’m quiet, barely talk.
We know you’ve got the flu,
When you’re quiet and barely talk.
Of all the things I like about you,
I like that you are you,
When around me.



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