Tenacity Breeds Accomplishment.

The level of difficulty we suffer through is based on the magnitude of what we want. Those who do not go after great victories do not suffer as much heart ache, tears and pain as those who stretch for greatness. I remember hearing Steve Harvey say to Oprah, “most people in here have not failed as much as you”. It took a while for me to unpack the logic. Since she’s the most successful in the room, she’s presumed to have tried more times than anybody else (in the room), which also means more no’s and more discomfort. The intimidating part? Even after painful stretching, for many, the goal still remains out of reach. For a brief moment, it might make sense to dream little than suffer much.

It never gets easy, suffering. It never becomes fun, at no point does a sane person act outrageously grateful for being in the midst of a life shattering disaster. Yet, if we didn’t reach for more, often times, we won’t have to climb the tedious mountain that’d get us there. Why then do we reach?

We, being some of us. More and more people are becoming alright with just being alright. While some of us would rather reach for more than live a life wondering what we could have reached, if only we tried.

Personally, I reach for more because I can, because it’s available and I don’t have to amputate my arm or give up an eyeball to qualify as one of the candidates that could attempt for better.
Another reason I reach for more is because I’ve anticipated the possible level of pain I’d suffer through, should I embark on the course and I’ve decided the intensity is tolerable — sometimes, it turns out to be more intense than one would want to tolerate.

It’s a shivering feeling to consider one might be in more pain not going after their goals (missed opportunity, weight of regret), than the pain they would go through following their goals (sleepless nights, disappointments, limited knowledge, hard work). In that sense, it could be said that achievers sometimes go after their goals simply because it is the least painful option. Most people forget, if you choose to be great or not, there’d be pain either way.

However, the pain (of progression), and the decision to go after my goals, are still not enough for me to begin the journey. While I plan out what growth would look like, compared to what life would look like without trying, the outcome (success) has to resemble a life I’d admire, compared to what life would look like without growth. The downfall of many is their success, for only a few prepare for how life would change after their success.

Being an adult is not an easy path, my middle school teachers could have told me so in plain English. Especially, when you have the desire to accomplish great things. Many people turn around from their journey to success, because the disappointment is too much to bear, some strive for one goal, losing sight of everything else in their life. How we define success (money alone, money + respect, money + family, completion of a goal & confidence, etc) plays a major role in the type of decisions we’re willing to make going after success.

For those disappointed, dumbfounded in the middle of their path to better, those asking “how much longer”, “when do I reach”, “when do I finally receive”, be courageous in what you seek. Stay steadfast in your pursuit.
For like grandma’s would say “nothing good comes easy”. Dream big, then dream big enough.

There’s always a price to pay, while many are unwilling to pay that price, those who do and stay steadfast, enjoy a feeling and experience a lot of people go a lifetime not knowing.

You want the best? It would cost you. You know that, but you also know, there’s no other way to live. You owe yourself the best. Endure the walk, reach your destination and celebrate your tenacity. Then proceed to your next level and continue to help others as you grow.

Continue growing. Continue reaching for greatness. Try, that’s all you could do.

With Love,

Famous Steve.



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