Poem: Won’t Stop.

Famous Steve
2 min readApr 30, 2024

the soft ocean breeze
on a rainy day
sweep across our skin
as we sit, legs folded
trading ideas, sharing dreams
I look at you, I smile, you still make my heart skip
your eyes compliments the moonlight,
your skin glistens tonight
your skimpy belly shirt matches the water
I want to tell you sweet nothings,
with a focus on the touchings
caress your cares away
better still, no talk at all
make practical
our fantasies and sizzling desires
you won’t stop talking.

you want to change the world,
I run from impossible tasks.
I want to enjoy the good of the world,
but you’re suspicious of all pleasure with no discomfort.
our hands continue to gesture
as blood struggle to circulate through my bended knees
I feel my toe going to sleep
but I hold position, as we mirror each other
sitting thus, mind connected, you carry on,
how the world could be a better place
why “earth hurters” should be brought to account
I sit there, by your side
amazed how your mind goes,
full of inspiration and dream
most interested by your hope and will for change
I can barely feel my leg,
communication with my left toe is long lost
still I hold position, as you make example out of everything
the coconut falling from its tree
becomes a story of how we’re stronger in a group
the pigeon looking for food turns into a mandate
to focus on shifting one simple thing
like food provision and availability
and how that could shift a person’s entire destiny
I’m out of words to convince you
to look on to the brighter side
we could give food to others and fly to Paris
we get there, we give food to people in Paris and take a stroll to a cathedral
we don’t have to sleep at the food bank
we could also enjoy a cappuccino then head to Botswana

with each suggestion of pleasure,
you counter with five humanitarian super ability
rain drops get louder, the wind gets bolder
I think to pull you closer, but what’s your next idea, I wonder.
These moments, dreaming of possibilities
sends you over the moon with excitement
I, a simple man, have other ideas for excitement.
Darling, romance to you, surprises me.