Poem: My lost friend.

Famous Steve
2 min readApr 27


old friend,
crooked you now walk
shaking you stand
stuttering your every word
beaten down
how new
and familiar burdens
weigh on you
how life tells on you
residue of past fears
show on you
each line of every worry
to your
once familiar face

easy it isn’t
to survive every narrow path
years spent
trekking down never ending paths
once in a while,
a rock rolls
headed for that camel’s back
leaving you behind
to carry on
the weight of loss
the size of a whole camel
carry on
with trampled ego and over stretched faith

my friend
where have thy journey taken you
what secrets does your empty eyes hold
what lies have become true for you
where does thy peace lie?
what home are you chasing?
do you still recognize your shadow
at sunrise
or do you run
from yourself at sunset?
is it better to have never been
than to be entangled
with the sufferings of being born?
where does thy story leave you?
as one who can carry endless burdens
or as one who walked onward
regardless of the cost?
with no end in sight
you trek on
your sweat you have bled
neither for crowns, salute, nor victories

yet somehow
the knowledge
of knowing you still stand
seems enough
the knowledge
of knowing you still can
is enough
knowing you still are,
says enough.

soon one will find
the meaning of life
is to enjoy what it brings
while you can.
where others question meaning
an inspiration you are
teaching each to suffer well
for burdens are like names
we don’t choose what we get

No one walks this life unscathed
the scars on your feet
tell tales eyes have not seen
veins on your neck
speak a wisdom only time can gift
As you trek on
May the rest of thy journeys be light
for run-aways make their own home
May your walkways be bright
for far cries are often in deaf towns
May your lungs outlast your struggle
and your courage outlive your setbacks
May sunshine encourage you
and not frighten you for what lies ahead
May you receive the reward of your sufferings
May you not be tired of living before good fortune smiles on you.

Walk on my friend,
the world is behind you.