Poem: Interprete.

Famous Steve
1 min readApr 6, 2022



should your present station
be all you’d ever reach
how would you carry on?
should all you’ve gotten
be all you’ll ever get
how would you make it last?
should the inconvenience of where you are
be spread to everywhere else you could go
how quickly would you move?
Life is always changing
options are always there
To swing or not to swing
Only you can choose.

should your present situation
be the last obstacle
between you and a better station
how quickly would you give up?
should all you’ve received
be only a glimpse of what is to come
how would you persevere?
should your sensitivity
to the disadvantage of where you are
be a wake up call to take action and move on
how quickly would you pack?
Life is stagnant, constant, unbudging
options are neither loud nor clear
To see or not to see
Only you can choose.


  • Separate Joy from Hope
  • Separate Identity from Expectation