Never Settle. This Is How You Live A Life With No Regrets.

  • At any given moment, whatever action you’re partaking in, has been approved by your mind as the best course of action — from a list of prescreened possible actions. Yes, you’re reading this and continue to read this because your mind thinks it’s better to read this next word and continue to read and read and read instead of skipping to the next line. These decisions are made in less than milliseconds, that is how powerful and fast the mind is when it comes to decision making. It would be no surprise that many people never ignite one third of the potential of their mind. There is a powerhouse inside of you.
  • At any given moment, you know exactly what you’re doing. Even when you’re heavily intoxicated or sensually deprived. Each conscious action, regardless of “your state” is ordered by your mind.
  • Your mind is the architect, director and dictator of your life. Your body is merely at the mercy of the instructions received from your mind.
  • If your body is the sniper, your mind is the rich oil guy who’s financing the war.
  • The mind changes, but the body (a person’s physical self) does not. (Gabriella remains recognizable as Gabriella but the mind controlling the physical Gabriella can change.)
  • The mind does not need the physical world to feel alive, the body cannot dwell in the world made up by the mind, the body needs the physical world to flourish.
  • Have a type of life you look up to — There is a person that lives a life you admire. Listen to their interviews. Read their books. Speak to them when you can. Recently, Tony Robbins taught me the reason I get upset is because what’s happened does not match what I expect of myself. Which makes it simpler to navigate. Your happiness is based on you doing things that match what you expect of yourself. You first have to know what to expect, hence learning from those you admire.
    Then you have to remind yourself these are your expectations, by writing it down and continuously reading it over the years.
    Then take action, however easy or tough it is for you, take actions that match those expectations.
  • Educate my mind — one of the reasons why we know right but choose wrong is because the mind is unlearned (in the ability to choose what it wants/knows). The healthier my mind becomes, the better my overall quality of life. The smarter my mind becomes, the better direction it can give my body. Feed your mind. Feed your mind good things. Watching uneducated barely dressed people fight and throw drinks on each other is not education. Watching a documentary on how someone found failure and pulled out success is education. Your mind can be trained. Leave it by itself and the ruin of the body is inevitable.
  • Provide credible options — your mind will make a decision, good or bad, happy or sad. Your mind makes 35,000 decisions a day. That is 245,000 decisions a week and over 1,000,000 decisions a month. Your mind is a top level executive dealing with uncountable prompts for decision making, it’s only normal that some decisions would be wrong, regardless of the outcome, it sure would make and continue to make decisions. The better the options, the higher the chance that you choose right. To not settle, have good options.
  • Disengage. In simple terms, stop. Choose quality over quantity. This is a very old adage. But remains true. In order to have better decision making energy, you have to have periods of no (very limited) decision making. You could take a nap, I’ve come to find taking a shower helps, but it’s always better to take a nap. Sit still. Shut up. You could also lay on the floor, on your back, with eyes closed but stay awake. Your mind has an activity that makes it quiet down, find it.
  • Your body is older than your mind but your mind could accumulate knowledge older than your body — your body was never introduced to you. You’ve always known you as you. Yet, the advanced tier of your mind wasn’t always there. Get to know your mind. This is simple really, and the simple things are often the toughest. Determine what you want answered — like what do I like or what makes me smile, then listen to what comes in. Remember, the adult mind is only limited to the knowledge poured into it by the adult. Meaning, there are certain things that might not be expressed to you simply because your mind does not know the vocabulary to express that. Asking your mind to give you an answer in Portuguese would return nothing if you havent taught yourself Portuguese. Likewise, your mind would only return to you what it likes out of the options you’ve previously known about — from reading about others or experienced.
  • Just the same, as you get older you would find that your mind knows what your mind will someday no longer know. It is not uncommon for me to glance over a writing I wrote years back and realize I’ve completely forgotten the time saving gems I wrote down. My current (hopefully more advanced) mind in order to grow had to leave out certain non recently used knowledge. Reading writings from my younger self reminds me of mistakes to avoid and principles to hold on to. In most cases, we take actions that are contrary to our expectations because our minds did not remember the expectation. You have to write things down. “What you forget, you will repeat”. Another aged adage.
  • Accept failure on the path to mastery. Despise even the slightest hint of venturing into the path to destruction.




Everything is possible.

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Famous Steve

Famous Steve

Everything is possible.

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