Mind: The Power of Thoughts.

I was having a friendly debate yesterday, more like an exchange of ideas really about political post effects on social sciences.

On the drive home, it suddenly dawned on me the immense power of thoughts, which was what was being described in different ways through out the exchange of ideas but we were more in tuned with describing the effects and our assumed reasons behind the effects but we were not cognizant enough to identify nor acknowledge that behind the curtains of all we described was one giant.

The Power of Thoughts.

Do you know, that your grandparent’s description of their era, your parent’s description of their generation, your understanding of your world and the experiences of your children have been shaped by the thoughts of another man. Think on that for a whole day.

Everything around you is as it is because of the actualization of someone else’s thoughts or the absence of someone else’s thoughts being implemented.

That’s the role of the government. To have quality, best grade thoughts and fine execution skills, get it? Fine execution skills? The more silent, the better. Moving on.

Should thoughts have the power to shape the entire life span of a person’s life, a person you might never meet nor know of — then what exactly am I taking for granted here? Because we all have thoughts. That’s one way God made all equal. If I’ve been given the gift of a giant, is this giant sleeping or am I tapping or learning to tap the advantages of having a giant? Do I even know I have a giant?

Some thoughts supersede others. Many factors come into play here. First, removing external and bias influences, in many cases — say in a Kindergarten room where all children have almost similar influencing power — an idea from one Kindergarten student might sound more practical, useful, necessary, important to the issue than that of another faithful Kindergarten student.

The question then becomes how do you refine your thoughts? How do you, again without acknowledging nor involving external influencial factors like spinning, arm bending, conniving, lobbying, favoritism, nepotism and the rest, removing all of those and stripping thoughts to their fundamental level, how can one produce powerful thoughts?

Take this for inspiration: The fabrics of society you and I have come to know today and would describe as our “world”, were thoughts of three people almost three hundred years ago. They didnt know what you’d look like or what your name would be but they knew what they imagined your life and outcome should be. That’s the power of thoughts.

You can move and change perception, reality and human knowledge just from having thoughts. Isn’t that both scary and exciting? To think humans look to capes, wings and eye shooting lasers to recognize a superhero, when all along we should be looking for immaculate idea processing heroes. Again, what exactly am I taking for granted here?

If one person can have a thought that significantly distorts the experience of three hundred million people for over almost three hundred years, I surely can have a thought that can distort the life of one person for at least twenty years. Isn’t that fair? I think so, I think I should be able to, and so should you.

Having quality thoughts is a fine thing but implementing them is immense. Implementing quality thoughts is a fine thing, you have to safeguard and protect the implemented thoughts. And, here we go.

For because you have a great thought does not mean another would not have a thought to unravel your great thought. For because you implemented a great thought does not mean another would not have a thought to disturb your implementation.

Powerful thoughts require a long span of time to showcase their strength, weaknesses, quality and effectiveness. In many cases that does not happen in one lifetime. And sometimes things shape up different from what the origintor intended.

To have a powerful thought you have to take into account, every possible attack to the idea and ensure the idea accounts for the possible weaknesses hinted by these attacks.

To implement a powerful thought, you have to employ the help of others. It is important they continously support the ideas you’ve put forth, pulling their inspiration from whatever personal reasons they might have.

To safeguard and protect the ideas, you have to make palatable for people who are removed from you to be able to digest and agree with your preposition. The idea has to be so profound, it sells itself. The idea has to speak on its own merit, because your personal influences might not be accessible to these individuals since their duties might kick in long after the life span of the idea inventor.

And, this is why cults are a thing. I know, shocker. I never really understood cults, now I’m starting to. This is exactly, well mostly, why gatherings, belief systems, cults and other friendlier synonyms of the same group think is necessary and essential.

Let’s continue down this road. You see, the benefits of a cult system is that the members, new or old, are sworn to protect the ideas behind the operation. And protecting the idea, we’ve uncovered to be an integral part in displaying the effectiveness of powerful thoughts. Sworn members, loyal members, those convinced enough to join a cult would in many cases give their life to protect the idealism behind the operation.

The same principle guides the military forces of any nation. The people who had the powerful ideas are dead and buried. Ideas have been implemented, some in the process of being implemented. The loyal soldiers who willingly enlist are so drawn to the operation and are so dedicated they would do all they naturally can to protect those principles. All three elements have to be in place to have the opportunity to see a powerful idea successfully displayed.

Now, I’m not holding up a banner for you to go join a cult or sign up for sixteen years with the military, maybe you should. What I am saying is that because you think something good does not mean you would not have to do something bad to protect something good. Haha, maybe I am advocating for cultism. God, my heart is pure.

The world is a contradiction of ideas. Remember each person has its own. The principles of this world we live in are simply ideas with the longest standing powerful, faithful members. That’s it. While the focus is not to have an idea to shape the lives of three hundred million people for the next three hundred years, you and I can focus on having an idea to shape our individual lives for at least the next twenty years.

And to do so, we might not require a cult, nor the military, but we would require a support system. We would require our own cheerleaders and supporters. Those in many cases will naturally come, as it turns out humans are also encoded with the curiosity to be attracted and/or drawn to a person with powerful ideas — so really all we have to do is to do our part. Fine tune the mind, introduce ourselves to the giant and “walk on the shoulders of giants.”

Your life can be much more. Oh, you think you’re doing good? Think again. There’s so much more. Much much more you are still capable of. The lives of your children can be so much more. The powerful thoughts of your parents shaped you. Your powerful thoughts can shape a whole generation. Look at Henry Ford, look at Samuel Curtis Johnson. I think of Nikola and what he must have gone through having incredible ideas without the cult to protect it.

Do you know at the early stages of creating lightbulbs, even beard hair was considered and tested to keep the flame on. That’s the power of an idea — only because the English inventor had long and plenty beard hairs. If it comes to it, look around you, what do you have that could implement a better outcome for what you’re trying to accomplish? That is the power of an idea!

There is a lot more you can do, compare yourself to the best and you will inevitably, gradually, improve. So stop wasting your days being willfully distracted by nuances, engaged in time consuming, unending projects with no benefit, and instead ask yourself:

What exactly am I taking for granted here?

With Love,

Famous Steve.




Everything is possible. www.instagram.com/endlesstsa

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Famous Steve

Famous Steve

Everything is possible. www.instagram.com/endlesstsa

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