Life: Lunatic In A Suit.

Famous Steve
6 min readMay 4, 2024

Where does victory begin?
When can one look around and proudly say
they whole heartedly trust someone else?
When a person’s “good intentions” become costly to you,
could it still be called “good intentions”?
How is it humans cannot live apart
yet tear each other down when together?
How many dreams have been lost because someone said something,
did something so disturbing, the zeal for the dream suffocates, evaporates?
then again, one could say “if it really was what you wanted
the actions of another should not stop you from your goal.”
But that’s limited thinking, because humans do not exist in a bubble
and you can want a dream so much yet a slight ignorant remark
from another person can make you not love an idea or a place
as much as you’ve once loved it.
Just enough negativism to rock you
to put you off what you were so dedicated to realizing.

These and many ways humans affect each other.

When can you close your eyes completely and trust another?
in your grave? before your demise?
When would a person not take advantage of someone else?
If there was an island for only good people, would you qualify?
When a person wastes your efforts, how do you find love for them?
When the person you’re here to help,
is the person plotting your demise, how do you love them?
When the person you swore your life to,
is caught doing the greatest betrayal, how do you go to sleep?
When the people giving you support is the same to approve your downfall,
How do you not wash your hands off the entire human race?

Where do you meet me today? You meet me at a juncture between hopes for the best and acceptance of reality. Optimists do not see the same reality as everyone else. We live the future in the present. We make happen (and we expect) what can be, not what is, nor what has been. You meet me here — focusing on the upsetting limitations of a human being. Other human beings.

Humans ruin everything.

Not very happy a statement, is it? I think I have taken for granted those moments of sincere interactions, the brief encounters with selfless, altruistic people.

Have you been disappointed by a person? or have you been the backstabber? We don’t go through life unscathed, yet we shouldn’t leave ourselves open to be torn apart by another. The optimist in me is finding an avenue to turn the tone of this writing from what it is to something more uplifting, but really some people suck. I never understood the “dog over people” movement because optimist sees the good in all but really, humans can make you lose faith in humans. Certain circumstances make certain people dubious and unpatronizing.

Humans ruin everything. If I say it enough times, maybe I’ll believe it.

Understanding this, well actually, accepting this, one can effectively, accordingly, reduce their high hopes and expectations of another human being. It’s better to give a project to a person and expect rooms of incompetence than give them the same project expecting them to deliver what they claim to be capable of. If they deliver, great. If they fall short, you’re not surprised. But what kind of way is that to live life? Always expecting to be disappointed.

When you hold yourself to high standards, upstanding moral principles, you tend to extend the same expectation to others. This only leads to disappointment. The rare exception that you meet someone as principled as you and continue to be principled is so rare, it almost does not count in comparison to how many people would disappoint you. The amount of people you can rely on is so minuscule compared to the crowd that would break your heart, compared to the crowd that would attempt to tramp on your dreams. In my frequent traveling days, I learned something. When you tell a person about an upcoming trip, chances are you would not go on that trip — if the flight wasn’t booked prior to revealing your travel plans. Something about people suffocate dreams.

People are not concerned about doing their best for you with half the degree with which they are concerned with what they can get from you. A friend could say you must have dealt with the wrong human and to which I say, ok, where are the right humans? where are the competent people? where are the humble ones? where are the normal folks? where are the do-gooders? where are the trust worthy individuals? where are the good for all thinkers? where?

It is disappointing to accept that Humans ruin everything. As a natural optimist, one hopes for the best in every situation.

When you find yourself in rare cases where you have a simple conversation and no one leaves offended, be grateful.

When you find yourself at a job where no one pisses you off, bend your knees and thank your God.

When you drive from one destination back to your house, and nobody feeds you road rage, sing loud and be merry.

When you encounter another human in any shape, form or place, and you don’t get looked down on, insulted, backstabbed, upset, gossiped about, deceived, lied to, betrayed, fired, shamed, set up, ignored, used or in an accident — when you experience any form of encounter with another human, no matter how brief and you leave with good emotions, cherish that moment! Soon you’ll meet a knuckle head. Soon you’ll find yourself in a room with a lunatic in a suit.

Life is good, leave it to humans to ruin it.

Rarely does a person identify the peak point of a situation and stop. Almost all, would at some point, as a rule, push the envelop a little further — to its demise.

Give a project to a competent person and they’ll make it better. Give a winner to a lunatic and they’ll make you cry for ever encountering them. Finding competent people is like finding cats in the ocean. Someone else already rescued them, there’s none left, alive anyways.

I don’t know where you stand. Either as the backstabber or the one wishing for better humans, but I do plead with you — on your goings and your encounters with people, please be nice. Say nice things, give good emotions, reject being stepped on, forget stupid people, feed encouragement, be supportive.

Take what belongs to someone else seriously. If you work at someone else’s company, take it serious and treat it properly.

If you are in someone else’s car, be polite. If you visit someone else’s home, be normal.

If you’re around someone else’s kids, be careful. With any encounter with someone else, please be a good person. Owning your mistakes is not enough, be conscious enough to prevent your limitations from affecting somebody else.

If you’re the one with a product, a business, an idea, protect it thoroughly from people. The light of an infant idea can be sniffed out in lightening speed by the wrong person. Your project can be misused by an incompetent human. Your resources can be wasted by a foolish child. Your customers can be chastised by a horrible employee. If you can remember that humans ruin everything, you can better put yourself in check to limit your ruining ability and protect what means something to you from the ruin-ness of others.

I’m about to encounter a bunch of humans in the morning, wish me well.

With Love,

Famous Steve.