Life: Love Another.

Famous Steve
7 min readSep 15, 2023


Smile, be cheerful. Happy, jubilate.
Be excited. Jesus is alive and all is well in your world.

Trials and tribulations may be outside your door, out in the world
but inside your home is joy, feasting and satisfaction.

Dwell in comfort, knowing it shall be well with you, now and in the end.

The world is all an open space with no where to hide. No where to escape. You weren’t ready for that, well get ready because this is happening. You’ll need breakfast to dissect this one. Let’s read that again. Ready? Go.

The world is all an open space with no where to hide. No where to escape. It’s like a dome you can never leave, not even in death. Man’s logic to build a house gives the impression of escaping the bareness of earth, to build a place of solace but really even said house is still part of the surrounding.

The idea of a door turns a playground into shelter. Genius. Yet remove the roof, reduce a wall and it’s clear. Dust in, dust out, dust all the same. There is no escaping this earth. Lucky we are to be here, stuck we are to live here.

This is existence. Knowing that consciousness is a constant roaming element, unescapable.

We dive into the deepest waters seeking alternate existence. We blow up spaceships in attempts to escape the width of our dome but no solace would be found, we did not create this and the allowance of free will does not qualify us to redesign this great craft nor does our unhinged thoughts permit us to think we could have done better.

What? My head is spinning. It continues. Pay attention.

No matter which way you run, you cannot outrun earth. No matter how far you swim, yes, you are still here, on earth with the rest of us.

What do you do with what you can’t escape? You befriend it, you accept it, you improve it, you learn about it and learn from it. How else would you know sustenance when all you’ve got is the one thing? if there were different versions of a thing why would you take any of them serious? A man with one shoe values that one shoe more than a man with fifty shoes.

How else would you learn commitment? We are limited to living here, we create multiple means of convenience, a car, a plane, an air conditioned home, even television to distract us from the obvious. We can only make the best of our time here, since we cant escape here, we might as well take it all in and find out what there is for us to learn here.

Interact with mother nature and play its game by its rules rather than pull out our hair as we pompously try to dictate rules to mother nature. If there was only one man and one woman left in this world, he’d have no other choice but to commit to her.

When you have just one thing, the one thing tends to mean more.

You know what else we could do? You can love on your fellow stuck occupant. It’s neither their fault or their choosing to be placed here. To be created, to be alive, is to be here for life. Feel sorry for them, no matter their pride.

It is the living’s obligation to invent ways to reduce their fellow human’s burden of “unescapability”. So maybe the creation of television and cell phones were not a bad idea afterall. Hypnotize a few years without their noticing, distract them from realizing just how limited they are in such a vast playing field.

How else would you learn love if you’re not in tune to see the weight the other person carries and how they are stuck, just like you. I used to think the great equalizer was death, I actually wrote about this concept, where no one is better than the next person because at the end we all die, one can be richer than the other, shorter than the other, good for you, eventually at the end of the day, we are all equal in death.

Yes, at some point I believed it true that death was the equalizer and it still makes sense, but now, guess what, the great equalizer is not death, the great equalizer is earth! Dead or alive, we-are-all-stuck-here!

You can be rich from Canada to Japan, it makes no difference, you are stuck in the land of the living like the rest of us. Space mission or not, we were placed here and are many decades, if not many centuries, away from an alternative. Our location is the equalizer. Which means the living is not better than the dead. Now, I understand why Solomon wrote the only one who is better is the one who wasn’t born. They can’t be stuck, if they were never here.

Since picking up a book, Unoffendable and going back to my favorite book Ecclesiastes, I find myself with a new view on life. It is all meaningless. Huh?

Wait, I can explain.

Not in the never achieve anything way of thinking but in the why cheat someone else for personal gain when said “gain” is actually a loss to your soul. It’s meaningless to kill yourself just to live, it’s meaningless to lose your mind for someone who isn’t real or someone you would never see again.

My first accident, I was driving around 10miles an hour, really slow, barely moving, but I was also mean mugging a stupid driver in the other lane, the split second I looked away to express my disapproval of their nonsense driving, I hit the car in front of me whose driver chose to stop their car. It ended up being a three car wreck. I can’t pick out who I was mean mugging, I don’t even remember the car, but I lost a lot of money on car repairs. And a driving record that lasted years. insurance points that lasted years. All from a three seconds mean mug. That too is meaningless.

The greatest of these is love.

Whatever they might have done that upset me to the point I wanted to show my displeasure, whatever they might have done was meaningless. But I did not know that. I felt my displeasure justified my mean mugging, and I paid the price, along with other drivers who had no idea what was going on.

My friend, let things go.

Protect your peace and the comfort of your mental state. Let conflict go.

Let fight or flight go.

The Blue zone documentary, the lady (Umeto Yamashiro) in Okinawa, 101 years old mentions her “secret to long life” is to stay away from anger, be happy, hold no grudge. She doesn’t stay upset, always singing, playing instrument, playing games with and around family. And I think to myself, being upset, the weight of anger truly is meaningless.

The living might not be better than the dead but the living is different from the dead. True we are stuck on earth because our creator placed us here and shut the lid. We have all we need for live in Godliness. We have all we need to live on earth.

The earth is ever sustaining and ever renewing and the genius of conception promises to keep producing humans from humans. The earth might be all we have but at least we have the best. While we are breathing we can make these days count for something, again not to try to escape the earth but to make the experience comforting and happy for the unknowing.

Love one another genuinely for they do not know how stuck they are.
Love yourself extensively for you do not know how far you can go.
Follow passions carefully because it is all meaningless.
Count your impact not by wealth amassed but by people you personally, directly help in whatever capacity.

Let the lives around you be better because of you. Give Hope.

The lives we positively touch, the helpful impacts we make, those last a life time. Long after our life time. Before you join those who came and went, make a positive impact. Hold no grudge. My former mentor used to say be nice to people as though they would die tomorrow. He wasn’t far off.

Be kind, and when you can’t, be nice.

Smile, be cheerful. Happy, jubilate. Be excited. Jesus is alive and all is well in your world.

Trials and tribulations may be outside your door, out in the world but inside your home is joy, feasting and satisfaction. Dwell in comfort, knowing it shall be well with you now and in the end.

Here rests before you — knowledge, to make the best use of your living days. “Now, choose life so that you and your children may live.”

With Love,

Famous Steve