Life: Like a Flower, Open Up.

Famous Steve
4 min readSep 15, 2023

People have plans for you, make sure your plan for yourself supersedes.
You have plans for yourself, make sure God’s plan supersedes.

Each day look around for what is beautiful in your life. We have eyes, to see the beauty surrounding us. When our eyes fail, we have minds to imagine such beauty that must surround us. For us to draw breathe effortlessly, without visualization, what other beauty must surround us that we do not see?

What if Life is of the same element as air? We don’t see the air we breathe, what else is in the atmosphere that we don’t see and do not know of? Is Love like air? something we think is internal but actually from external we bring internal? Though breathing is effortless, breathing, at some level, is still a choice.

A somewhat common feedback from those who take psychedelics is that they see moving, almost living colors, around them, sometimes even patterns. Some say they can touch through it, the real cuckoo ones say they can speak to it, or dance with the “energy”, it moves. Things their eyes cant see in its natural state. I’m not advocating for such behavior, I’m only suggesting there are possibly other elements we cannot see but exists around us. Have you watched the (Selma, Owen) movie Bliss? You should.

What if the emotions we tag with the brain are actually elements in the atmosphere always surrounding us. What if Zen, like love, like air, surrounds us always, we just have to “breathe” it in, open up to it, based on its own form of acceptance.

If we are told but not shown, we’re bound for mistakes.

The way we take in food, is not how we take in air, and might not be the same way to take in love or zen. We eat food, we breath air, we choose love. We need all the above to survive.

The way we take in air is also not the same way a plant takes in air. What if instead of “sniffing” anger, we decide to open up to peace? What if instead of catching an attitude, we catch a smile? What if all of these surrounds us always?

Currently, our brain goes this equal this, I get pissed off, I get upset. Simulation complete. But what if our brains could go this now equal this, I get pissed off but I can choose to be open to love instead of anger. They are both available to me, while I have learned for years, all my life really, to choose anger, what if I choose otherwise? Jesus was definitely on this otherwise journey while those around him were trained and hooked on the eye for eye logic.

Something happens to change the natural state of air. Nature and time creates pollen, pollen causes allergies. Something happens to change the natural state of love, people and circumstance creates fear of loss, fear of loss causes anger and hurt.

There is the air we submit ourselves to, and air we run from. We breathe in air but we cover our nose from dust and get affected by pollen. What if we breathe in peace and close ourselves from anger and the foulness of others?

Instead of sniffing polluted air, move around to breathe “clean air”. Instead of sniffing an attitude, breathe politeness. Not for them, do nothing for them, but for you. Show yourself that you can choose otherwise. Like Jesus. Would you rather be like the masses where this equal this or would you rather be like Jesus where this now equal this? they are both available to you. They are all available to you.

People will say rubbish to you from their fear of loss, you don’t have to act rubbish back.

You can win from being calm. You dont have to show violence to display strength. The loudest people are not the scariest. Remember empty drums make the loud noise? You dont just have the one option, you have a buffet of options, choosing to walk away being one of them. Breathing peace into your lungs instead of losing your mind, that’s also an option, a good option, a better option.

Instead of choosing to be upset, move about to breathe “clean love” — If choosing love is not a muscle to cultivate but instead an element we already have instant access to, would that make showing love more common?

We are always surrounded by air, until we are not — under water or up in the sky. We are always surrounded by joy, until we are not — in the midst of naysayers or up in bad habits. Just as it’s easier to breathe on land than in the sky or deep sea, there is an environment where it’s easier to dwell in joy than other places. Find your center. Find your surface where you can stand effortlessly. Find where breathing comes easy for you. Your grounding, your base, your leveled playing field. Find it.

If you cant breathe right, you cant live right. If your breathing goes, your life follows. If it takes too much effort to breathe, immediately change where you are, your life depends on it.

Each day look around for what is beautiful in your life. We have eyes, to see the beauty surrounding us. When our eyes fail, we have minds to imagine such beauty that must surround us.

Breathe, love. Breathe love.

With Love,

Famous Steve