Life: Frown Your Face.

Famous Steve
5 min readMay 18, 2024

To surrender to a reality outside one’s control is the easiest survival method. Play dead, essentially. Only, to surrender seems contrary to human nature.

We will scratch, crawl, brawl, punch the air, yell, cry, pray, ignore, fake forget, remember, fake accept, reject, wait, wait again, we will try, try again, try again, we will do everything but surrender to a circumstance outside our control. As long as we have energy, we will expend all that energy, spend ourselves completely, fighting against that which we want changed even though its change is not a reflection of our wasted effort but of a circumstance unrelated, uninfluenced by our want, desire or good looks.

What is it to surrender? it is to stop fighting, accept the circumstance is out of your control. We see surrender as defeat, defeat is a strategy. In our limited thinking and in our post victory praise society, we all seek that I made it happen type of story, we despise the it happened despite of me narrative. Because we want control, we want the glory, we want the credit.

This is not entirely our fault because many things in life does tie to our contribution and action, almost everything in our life will only change by our active participation, so programmed to making things happen make us repulsed, lost, we throw tantrums, we know not how to behave when we encounter the very few things in life that do not radiate on our efforts.

No one in a war movie plays dead. They all raise their head up and get shot. In real life, soldiers who do not fight in a war are chastised and outcasted in the military. Everything around us bombards us with the take action. Rightfully so. I’m saying, in civilian life, there is a place for that. There is also a place not for that. Your duty is to know what is what.

Humans would either give up on everything — those who wont lift a finger to help themselves. Or, humans would go full throttle on everything. Rarely, do we adjust enough wisdom to accept what’s out of our control and identify the ones that are AND focus on those, as we accept (not fight) the other.

I was inclined to list off things outside human control for easier understanding but circumstance differ from person to person— for example, applying to a school where you didn’t bribe anybody for admission, where your merits and the temperance of the admission board would determine your enrollment, in this case, majority of people lose sleep, waiting the decision.

We almost cannot help it, we actually cannot help it.

A lot of human social deficiencies, like bribery, stealing, blackmail and the sorts, even drugs, is because of control. Bringing us back to that human intoxication of either control or give up. Either take the glory or not participate. Even stalking and love crimes are attributed to the inability to accept what is out of their control.

Let’s end on a happy note. You cannot do all things. Accept it now, or wait till you’re much older, and accept it then. Your head will bleed should you smack it continuously against a brick wall. Accept that now or accept it after you wake up from a concussion. Let’s get back to the happy note ending.

You cannot do all things. Accept that.

A lot of your life is influenced by your action. Accept that.

Very few things in life have nothing to do with you. Accept that also.

Do your best in all things, only for some things doing your best is doing nothing at all. Accept that, accept that, Accept That!

Defeat is a strategy. You will disagree, you will frown your face, you will roll your eyes and say I know not what I’m talking about. That’s ok, get older. Soon, you will realize you can win by taking a loss. And a surrender is not a loss, death when you could have lived, that’s what’s brutal.

Happy note. You have a life to live, do your best always. Go full force when you are supposed to go full force. Take a chill, when its out of your hands.

Funny enough, you will know (or at least get a sense) when something is out of your hands, the issue is we do not accept and even if we did accept, we’ve spent zero time teaching ourselves how to move when in a situation that is out of our control so we improvise, ending up in what is familiar, which is finding a way out of the only train heading to our destination.

Happy note. You don’t have to give up on life but delegate. Be alright, if things go the way they were supposed to go. In my traveling days, I’d say: make plans on how to go, but plans tend to go their own way.

Your definition of events inspire your following actions and response. Always remember, a person who failed in acquiring a company that would have made them go bankrupt, won in their failure.

Very few things in life have nothing to do with you.

May all things work in your favor, including those that take you down to launch you higher.

With Love,

Famous Steve