Life: Food To Die For.

Famous Steve
8 min readMay 2, 2024

It’s a concern.

One group points at everything that’s done right, while their opposers point at everything that’s done wrong.

The issue of food has become more prevalent in my thoughts over recent months. While, the past four years, I’ve taken measures to eat well. In the past eight weeks, however, I’ve been more surprised by the information that’s found their way to me, from one documentary to another. From one observation and conversation to the other.

First was the issue of micro plasticity, if you’re not familiar, it simply means most of the food we eat today has some level of plastic in it. From Apples, to Carrots to Tomatoes, like so. This affects the food we eat here and affects the other countries that get their produce from here. Learning this, I stopped eating Apples and Tomatoes while also avoiding carrots. Taking this step was fairly easy to do because I was already concerned with another dilemna. Which was the issue of wax. In case you’re not familiar, a lot of groceries are painted with wax or adjusted some way to have that “perfect” appearance you’ve come to know and expect.

For example, Salmon looks a particular way, right? Some human adjustments go into making the fish you easily recognize remain easily recognized.

Apples have a shine to it, that’s wax. Tomatoes have a shine, wax. Cucumber, like so.

Then there’s the issue of coloring. I received a video, this was last month or so, the video was about how green peas are being colored to look green — the video is online, you can search for yourself. While the workers seemed to be in a different country doing the coloring, it does disturb the issue of taking a spoonful of peas.

How many issues have we covered now? There’s the initial micro plasticity, then we went to waxing, then coloring without forgetting other human adjustments that happens to fishes and the rest.

As these information compounds, one begins to ask what exactly are we eating? It is mental to think a person would use their money to buy what would eventually kill them. Not alcohol, not drugs, not wild pets, not a dangerous car, not all the un-imaginables — but a person using their money to buy food to eat, food that is killing them.

Early in the week, I watched a new documentary, outside the watch what you eat and what do you eat expected flow of discovery, I then find out people, humans like you and I, eat the poop of other people in other to get the bacteria from that person to revive their gut bacteria.

Wait a second, let’s go slow. A normal, breathing, alert, smart and functional human would put the poop of another adult into a blender, add water, blend the poop, put the poop in capsules, then refrigerate, freeze, the poop and take daily doses of the frozen grounded poop. Are you shocked yet?

It is a MASSIVE question of what are you eating?

While a lot of people don’t think much about what they eat, there are a few who put in a lot of thought into what they do eat, they think about it every hour of every waking day. We’ve been lied to that sex was what people thought about the most, it seems food might be the winner. Or, maybe bills (not money, bills).

And, today — yeah I know, all these information about food, but check this, today I get introduced to this dilemna.

Farmers produced too many food — crops, they cannot allow the excess food go to waste, so they begin a campaign (marketing, commercials — remember the “apple a day keeps the. . .slogan? yeah, that was a campaign. One person pays another person to recommend something so when people buy it, the first person doesn’t take a loss from over producing, and the person who bought it? well, who cares about the person who bought it, let’s move on) to make people think they should eat more than they’re supposed to, twice as much as they’re supposed to — to paint a clearer picture, instead of eating three times a day, imagine eating six times a day but instead of six times a day, its more like eating double portion each time you eat. This kicks off massive obesity problem, farmers and their investors recoup their money but now a new appetite is born for both the farmers and the obese’d public. This is not my point.

Here is my point, the narrator paints the food producing companies (agriculture is now dominated by companies, no longer the typical farmers) — anyway, the narrator paints the food producing companies as terrible people for taking on low wage workers under horrific work environments to make the food available to low income consumers.

The low income household can only afford what they can force their budget to pay for. However, the “food” that can be made available at that price by the food companies, is not so much food but super processed (unhealthy) food.

Very easily the public blames the FDCompanies for ill treatment of workers and ruining the world with unhealthy snacks and the FDCs could just as well blame the “poor” people for being unable to afford good food. Tit for Tat.

It becomes a starve or eat what you can afford go around. Terrible, either way.

The country look to the food producing companies to make food available at the grocery store without the public having the burden of knowing how the food goes from the farm to the grocery shelf. Just make it happen. When the kids are hungry and the family goes into the grocery store with the little money they have, there should be something they can afford. If this expectation is not met then chaos and all hands point back to the food producing companies.

Alright, got it. That’s one point of view. The other being from the FPCompanies. They have to find ways to meet expectations without running a financial loss. Financial loss = lose of jobs. Extended Financial loss = close of business. Bad for business, bad for the hungry public.

These companies mix chemicals to taste like food. You can drink an entire jug of orange juice without one actual orange squeezed into that bottle. You can eat noodles that taste like chicken without chicken broth, chicken soup or actual chicken anywhere close to the making of that noodle. Are you getting the picture? You can chew something that’s like beef without actually eating meat. Today I found out, you could drink milk without drinking milk. What? What? What?!

Again, what are you eating?

These companies have to make bends and turns here, there and everywhere to meet the public expectation. While I’m neither for the public, nor for the corporation. I am however understanding that the demand for affordable food leads to the provision of alternative (mostly unhealthy) resemblance of food.

I used to think those Californians who would go buy a piece of land in the middle of nowhere to start their own “off grid”, “self sustaining” living were just boohoo woowoo mental people, but it seems their madness is incredible brilliance after all.

What’s best for you and your family? Eat a little plastic in peas but pack a lot of fiber into your body. The fiber keeps you going, the accumulation of plastic may slow you down eventually— no one knows the impact of the plastics yet, maybe in ten more years we might begin to see the damages micro plasticity brings.

One human should not have to eat the poop of another human, ever! May we never have to eat the poop of another.

What’s best for you and your family? Plant a garden. Tomatoes grow with a vengeance. It’s one of the easiest items to plant. Maybe take it on? Enjoy your salmon but remember the fish on your plate might have been colored or someway made to look “pink” so you know it’s “salmon”. Or maybe buy another fish, you know?

What’s best? Pray for workers who undergo inhumane conditions to pick the orange you walk past at the grocery store. Some of those workers were chained in UHauls in Florida — look it up. Give a thought to the farmers driven into bankruptcy because Big Food is consolidating, buying out their competitors and pushing out the family generational farmers.

What’s best? Run from cheap lookalikes. Run from microwave dinners. Run from super processed foods. Kill the urge to pop a potato chip every 5 seconds. Starve the sugar bacterias in your gut. Accept a little healthy comes with a little sickness. Or better still, go mental like those Californians and go live off grid, self sustaining your family.

If you leave your food sustenance in the hands of the invisible providers, the path you’re heading for is already written.

If you pay more attention to what you eat before you eat, not after. You might stand a chance of finding out an escape route for you and your family to eat healthier and be grateful that the banana you’re chewing is an actual banana that grew on a banana tree, tree planted in the soil, on the earth.

Reality is being distorted every step of the way. And, as more and more humans are going out of their way to mess up the real life perception of their fellow human, you have to find every excuse, every reason and every possibility to remain grounded to real life.

A UV Light does not replace the sun. Watermelon HAS seeds. Artificial soil is not the earth’s soil. Chicken wings is from a CHICKEN, not grown in a tube. Do you understand? There are people “growing” chicken meat in a tube without actual chicken. You would be amazed how crazy the food world is getting.

Without food, a person dies. Eat enough poison, a person dies. Same outcome, only difference is one costs you money. Money that has to be suffered for, under long hours and for many days.

Get enough money, and buy better food or go make your own food. Small scale farming for you and your family is not difficult, at all — when you have the space, time and resources to do it. A bunch of people will not, will never, have the space, time and resources to do it. If you can, you should. If you cannot, you can buy smarter. You can eat smarter. Better to become vegetarian and eat healthy greens than eat a diabetes filled meat and buns.

As more and more things look abnormal. Remind yourself what is normal. And should you get swayed into the abnormal, well. I hope you find your way to what’s true, what’s real and what’s best for you.

With Love,

Famous Steve.