Life: Curves & Straight Line.

Famous Steve
5 min readSep 6, 2023


Do you realize most creatures are very similar? A lot of creatures can be grouped entirely by shape. Two hands, walk on two feet. Have two hands, a tail, walk on two feet. Walk on four feet. Walk on four feet and a tail. Have no feet, no hands. And so on.

There is first a group then a subset to each creation. While no two animals are alike yet two animals can share a lot in common.

At the very basic level of drawing, almost every animal can be represented using a circle and a line. In elementary school, stick figures served a basic representation of a human.

I realize today that creation is about lines and shapes. More clearly, creation is curves and straight lines. The sun is a curve, so is the moon. The ocean is a straight line, so is the road. Ones and zeros, or better still straight line and circles. And so is the pattern of life.

My light bulb moment today came as I was doodling on a paper towel. I allowed my hands to sketch where it pleased. The more I doodled the more it became clear the line either curves or goes straight. And I sat there thinking about my life and life in general as it begins to occur to me, as it is on this paper, so it gets in life.

There are moments of twists and turns, there are also moments of walking the straight path. Art cannot be beautiful without its curves and now I’m realizing life cannot be beautiful without its own curves. If life was all valley, that is straight lines, we would lose the curves and the beauty of mountains.

Mountains aren’t easy but they add beauty to the landscape of your life. Life cannot be useful without ups and downs.

God utilizes curves and straight lines to make magnificent and complete creations. Life ensures a memorable experience by injecting continuous flow of curves and straight lines.

Nothing is ever smooth all the time. That should be an encouragement to endure the curves should the condition be fierce. It should also be an encouragement to enjoy the smoothness when you have it. For both stages together form a good life for you.

You learn more about yourself in the straight lines when things are plain and easy to reach. You see more of who you are when life happens as you’ve planned it. In similar fashion, when faced with twists and turns you also learn more about yourself. You pay attention to how you uphold your values. Notice your perspective when a pothole appears on what seemed like a seamless journey.

I should certainly clarify these curves are strictly the obstacles life throws at you, these do not imply and does not include the self inflicted damages you go seek out for yourself.

Life makes your days interesting by giving you situations to use wisdom and grow your wit. Under no circumstance are you to place hot coal on your head just to learn endurance. Simply put, you should not go looking for trouble just to experience twists and turns.

You should not go looking for trouble just to experience different.

Trouble is not the answer and self inflicted troubles are of the damaging kind. Life’s wrenches are simply obstacles for you to manage and overcome, not to cry over — because everyone gets one of those. Self inflicted troubles however, only the foolish of us go seeking them out, do your best to not be foolish. It is human tendency to sway, ever so lightly, towards foolishness, do your best to continuously correct course.

What cycle are you in? Are you blossoming in your straight line where you can visual your goals and your dreams are so vivid and attainable or are you in a curve where it feels like you’re going round and round upside down?

Wherever you are, keep going. The terrace would soon, eventually, inevitably change and change again.

Appreciate every step, acknowledge every stage. As fun or miserable as it might seem to be, you will miss this period of your life.

Like the country song — “you’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back, you’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.”

No one likes the storm but stay in the sun for too long and you’d begin to wish for some storms. When there are no storms, some people go looking for trouble just to experience a different rhythm to life. So be grateful for both the storm and the sunlight. Embrace the cloud and welcome the rays.

The desired result is for weather to change, time come and go but you remain your best self. Taking from experiences to improve and empower but not swept away by fruitful or trying times.

In every weather be your grateful self. The best of us are those who adapt to the terrain, those who find comfort in the twists and turns. Those who run fast on the straight paths and endure on the curves, never losing sight of their vision.

So, go live life. Live in the moment, watch out for bumps but enjoy every step of the way, enjoy the ride. The ride of your life!

With Love,

Famous Steve.