Life: Blocks of Existence.

Famous Steve
35 min readNov 6, 2023

Let’s divide your life.

Fancy, educated people measure age in years. Bible measure in scores. But, You and I, we are unique. Today, we measure in blocks.

Each block is 10years. There’s a human word for it, but today we’d call it a block. Walk with me.

Your existence, more so, your essence of life, the reason you were born, your mission, your purpose, your guiding factor, your assignment, should be discovered, engaged, realized and passed on as legacy in 7 blocks.

Without counting the first block of life, zero to ten years, the next seven blocks is where you live. That is:


10–20, First Block

20–30, Second Block

30–40, Third Block

40–50, Fourth Block

50–60, Fifth Block

60–70, Sixth Block

70–80, Seventh Block.

It’s not that you’d die at 80, but more so, at 80 a lot of things would not interest you anymore. The zeal, motivation, hatred, envy or fire you have inside you that’s driving you now to do better would not be as hot after 80. By that time, your priority changes. You can still enjoy a thing or two but after 80, you’re called to maintenance work and teaching.

Find your block and get to work.

I learned in my twenties from reading a book or a blog or a podcast, I don’t remember but I remember the lesson. Oh wait, I remember, it was one of those lists of things I wish I knew in my twenties, by someone older, so it was an online article. In my twenties, I was taught that people in their twenties make mistakes they spend the rest of their lives paying for. That shocked me.

Most people who get imprisoned, fall into that system between the first block or the second block of life. The numbers drastically reduce from the third block. Trying to fix that one early mistake would cost them the rest of their blocks.

Most people who do drugs, smoke cigarettes, have sex, gamble, steal, do so in their first block (ages 10 — 20) or in their second block (ages 20 — 30).
Majority do so in their first block. My first experience trying cigarettes, or gambling was in my first block. Thank God neither caught on.

Find your block and get to work.

It’s tough, people are most (likely to be) positively impacted in their first and second blocks but humans in their first and second blocks are least likely to take advise from those older than them.

In other words, when a person needs caution the most, they are least likely to hear.

To advise a 50 year old doesn’t do as much for them as opposed to receiving that advice in their 20s. However, they are most likely to listen and implement the advice in their 50s than if they were twenty.

For example, a 20yr old would read what’s written here and go smoke a blunt after, while a 50yr old would read this and go find a Financial Advisor. Such is life. Who said life isn’t funny? life crack jokes on us all the time, this being one of them.

Block One:

The first block is colored by the “I’ve been told what to do all my life (zero till age of ten) by these people (parents), people who don’t know what’s up (what’s trending). I want to do what my friends at school are doing (they know what’s up)”. So from age 10 — 20, said kid tries things at school and find new ways to go undercover without their parents detecting anything.

Unfortunately, some of those friends (at school) do not come from a decent home with upstanding principles. But said kid doesn’t know that, their brain isn’t developed enough to understand that. Whatever’s popular rules for kids, who’s popular (at school) dictates what’s acceptable. No shade, just laying facts on the table.

Alright, let’s forget about your kids. God help them. Let’s focus on you.

Personally, I’m in the third block of life, I have four to go. They say you’re never too old to mess up your life. How do we prevent that from happening?

I discovered in my pre-first (0–10yrs) and somewhat into my first block (10–20) that my calling is to help people. I did a bit here and there, into my second block (20–30) but I am yet to be at a place in life where I can fulfill my purpose consistently.

I did learn if you are called to be a giver, even to volunteer, you cannot be with a miser. I did learn that and use it here and there to identify who I can fulfill my calling around and who would be an obstacle or think it’s wastage.

The thing with giving is you have to first have, to give. Common sense, right?

You have to have free time to volunteer, you have to have wisdom to give advice, you have to have patience to listen while others pour out their hearts and concerns, you have to have money to buy a cheeseburger for someone who’s hungry, you have to have, to give.

While you don’t have to have a lot to get started, you still have to have something. I spent my second block getting something. Now I’m in my third block comfortable and I don’t put in as much effort in sharing as I did in my twenties.

For one reason or the other, I just think I don’t have the opportunity or I should get more or I should serve where I see the opportunity as opposed to going to seek out the opportunity to be a blessing in the life of another. For two seconds I thought about signing up as a free homework tutor at the local library, I saw a flyer about needing people to tutor kids after school. I can do it, I thought about it and kept on walking. I did not sign up. Oh, no.

The one consistent way, almost consistent, that I have given, is this. Writing. Everything that I know, I write. And after writing, I move on with my life. The weight is off my shoulders and I live like every other normal person, making new mistakes, forgetting known principles. I remember, my friend would bring up something I wrote and I would just stare at him with a blank face not remembering whatever it is that I wrote, he’d read it out, give me a second, give me a second, okay and then we’d discuss it. Other ways I’ve tried to fulfill my calling to give, hasn’t been consistent (enough). And, it’s entirely my fault. God has been faithful and kind, I’m just in slow motion.

There’s hope for me, luckily, I have four more blocks to build a system that is smooth running. I feel chatty. Let me share more. Get more personal with you.

In my late twenties I had the idea to start an NGO, helping people. I haven’t started it. Obviously. Because, I don’t know. Slow motion.

In my twenties, I would go donate my clothes every six months, but I struggle to rationalize how the company would then sell those clothes they collect (yes for cheap) and pay shop rent with the proceeds. While it makes clothing cheaper for others, it still isn’t as helpful as I’d want.

The other day, two days ago? I had a genius idea. Open a private school. A Christian school. Not to be marketed for the ultra rich and “class crazed folks” but the working parents, or the unemployed parents. I promise you I’m not running for a political office, this is not a campaign I’m just thinking of ways to implement my calling. Anyways, here’s the rest of the thought.

I was thinking, reduce the fees so it’s affordable for the average parent, the school might get packed by students, high quality, low tuition tends to do that. Create a working system where kids are not embarrassed in class and sent home for not paying tuition while still ensuring tuition is collected. The only issue is opening a school is expensive, I mean very expensive, because I have to own the land, I’m in Finance afterall. I think money, money, money. The school would not be for profit but would make enough to take care of its expenses while being affordable for the average parents. And, if I have to subsidize (continue to add some of my own money) to keep tuition afforabale, then all good. If I don’t, all good.

Running a school is time consuming. I can’t just fly off to Australia while I’m trying to make sure kids are properly dressed and teachers are showing up to work. You get my point. I’ve been called to be a blessing unto others, I have also been called to a simple life. I like the school idea, we’ll see.

Being called to be a giver doesnt mean you’re foolish, no, don’t be foolish. Don’t ever be foolish. You will soon meet a lot of people who’d mistake generosity for an easy mark. A taker can smell a giver from a mile away. They don’t matter.

Being a giver also doesn’t mean you’re better than anybody. No, on the contrary, being a giver means you’re just like everybody else. I’m not referring to those who give and take a tax credit or those who give and go chat about it, no, I’m talking about silent givers. Right hand not knowing what left hand is doing givers. The “your lunch is already paid” givers, “by who? he already left” givers.

The giver knows this, you give out of humility, you actually give because you’re not better than anybody. One wrong move and you might find yourself where they are. Abe Lincoln taught me not to look down on people because if I had the odds they had I’d probably be where they are right now. You give what you would wish to receive if you found yourself in that station in life. We’ve been all over the place, enough about me, let’s get back on topic.

Blocks of Life.

You are to give your kids a minimum of four blocks of your life. This is probably the only advantage to having kids early. And a great motivator to stay healthy and not die young. Forty years of your life, you should invest in your kids.

With our block of life listed earlier, we can agree dying before the age of 81 is dying young and risk being regarded as an unfulfilled life. Therefore, you are not permitted to die young. Do not die before 81.

I had a genius idea last year, in an (my) ideal world, kids should not be raised by their parents, they should be raised by their grand parents. While the parents improve their marriage and increase their net worth. And the grand parents (hopefully retired) complete their calling. Soon enough parents become grandparents and the cycle resumes. But we’re not in an ideal world so let’s work with what we have.

Proverbs mentions it is to be frowned upon, a foolish thing, to not leave an inheritance for your children and their children. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing.

Ecclesiastics then takes it one step further, saying while I will leave wealth to my offsprings, I do not know whether that person would be wise or foolish. I do not know if they’d squander my wealth. My hard earned wealth.

Then the Scottish decides to do one better. They say: Grandpa buys. Son builds. Grandson sells. His son begs.

You are familiar most wealth only last three generations, right? How can your wealth be different? You know how? Knowledge and discipline.

I learned about this in February:
Tough times create tough men || Tough men create good times.
Good times create weak men || Weak men create tough times.

Rinse, repeat.

Hence why you have to pass the discipline to those born into good times. They mess it up for everyone.

I’ll add another one, then I’ll rest. Here goes:

If you give marbles to a kid, the kid is most likely, very likely, most assuredly going to lose the marble. The way you make sure to help the kid is to tie that marble to their hands, around their neck and across their ears, or tie it on their feet, so when they jump, croak, run, cry and act mental, the said marble, dangles but never falls off.

Your wealth is the marble. You are the kid, your children become the kid. Your wealth either inherited or acquired remains the marble.
The Marble Cannot Fall Off!

Do you understand?

I cannot tell you how many bad ideas I have in a day. Trying to shake marbles off. I cannot tell you how often I look up plane tickets to places with beautiful beaches. I cannot tell you how many times I remind myself that my work is not done. I have been motivating myself since 2016 to work — keep in mind it’s not that I hate working, I just don’t like the culture of putting people down to feel better about yourself. This is your position, you don’t know what I know, can’t do what I can do, I am better than you, don’t talk while I talk because hierarchy. That I can do without. I don’t mind structure but I mind pride. Or, maybe I’m more of a field person, face to face humanity work than cubicle ones and zeros.

I learned from B. Gates that if you were born poor, not your fault, but if you die poor, that is your fault.

I will take it one step further, don’t die poor. If your children die poor, it is your fault.

I watch documentaries, a lot of documentaries. At this point its better to say I s t u d y documentaries. Not about fish and birds or volcanoes and squirrels, no, I study documentaries about other people’s lives.

I cannot begin to count how many documentaries there are about wealthy parents who had zero relationship with their kids. You would be amazed! Rich people whose kids would later use the inherited wealth to spite their parents. Can you imaging working so hard for your money, while neglecting your kids, only for the kids to grow up and shame you with your money, well their inherited money which is still your hard earned money. I call that FAILURE.

Don’t make all the money in the world, don’t lose your soul.

Your ideas and planning should be for the benefit of all the people you are responsible for. Everyone in your camp should be thought of when you plan.

Yeah I get it, not everyone has that parental instinct, not everyone wants to be around drooling infants all day, I get it. But, if you’re smart enough to make a dollar, you should be smart enough to make sure your children does not hate you. Success is not just money, money is there to make it easier for you to get an all around success — which includes a happy married life, as much as it is in your power to be a responsible spouse. And be a dependable parent, not your money being a safety net, no, you yourself being a person your child can depend on. They should want a relationship with you, not your money and not because of your money.

We’ve gone all over the place. Let’s trace our way back to the blocks.

Blocks of Life.

You have seven blocks to make yourself useful. Those who came before you have a lot of things already set up for you. Electricity, Heat, Air Conditioning, Car, Aeroplanes, well built houses, most of the things around you today were built by the people before you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The heavy lifting, done, before you were born. You do however still have a role to play.

You have to decide which direction your family goes. That includes the family you were born into and the family you choose to start.

Yes, the seven blocks represent 70 years of continuous consciousness. And, I could sit here, put my glasses on and ramble on about how you should have accomplished this by this block and by that block you should have learned this and the other, but the thing of it is, we don’t get life the same.

The main thing is this: Within your 7 blocks, find out your calling, put it in motion, do your trial and errors, perfect the system, pass it on as legacy to the next generation. Also, when you decide to have kids is up to you, within your 7 blocks, you are to invest at least 4 blocks into your kids. Make your life count. Don’t die a disappointment.

That’s pretty much it. That’s the whole idea. You know where you are in life, now match up to the expectation. At this point, we can say cheers and end the writing.

Every single person is in a different place in life. One coat would not fit me and you. But I know when I come back to read this down the road, many years from now when I don’t make sense of what’s happening around me and I somehow find my way to this aged writing, I would scratch my head in disbelief, that the writer did not think to give a guideline to work with.

So, to save my present self from being embarrassed in the eyes of my future self, I will squeeze out a rough guideline to live by. Obviously, your mile may vary. Here goes anyways.

Our dumbest age should be, and be absolutely, completely, inexcusably, limited to our first block.

Block One: 10–20

This is where you can be your stupidest. This is probably the only time you can be somewhat permissibly stupid, yet don’t be too stupid. Don’t catch a baby, a body, an addiction or a criminal record.

There is something I call repairable mistakes, wait, it’s something I wrote down years ago that I just recently read a day or two ago, let me remember. It is “don’t make un-erase-able mistakes’”. I’ll go find where I wrote it.

Found it:

Jan 7, 2022: No uneraseable mistakes

Jan 1, 2022: I choose to not be stupid

In search for the above, I came across some other jewels and I’ll just throw them here.

“Do not allow the weakness of others to ruin your life”

“Some people are better at being human than others, spend your time among those to whom the essence of humanity is a priority.”

Let’s move on.

No uneraseable mistakes. Be careful what you experience. Don’t sell your future for the present.

It is very important to not be a fool. I remember re-reading a pointer from Robert Greene, where you have to pretty much swear to yourself to not repeat the same mistake a second time. You just cannot afford to be stupid. I’ve stressed that enough.

Your first significant block of life. 10–20, while your brain is forming its ideas and you want to put them into practice, you are better advantaged to listen to somebody smart with something to share.

It doesn’t have to be your parents but it has to be someone older than you, preferably in a different block of life, with wisdom to share. How do you know it’s wisdom? It adds good and not sorrow. You can sleep at night.

Wisdom benefits your life but not at the expense of someone else’s.

If you have a normal parent, listen to them. Yes, take their caution over your pulsing puberty, take their caution over your raging ideologies, take their caution over your mini skirt wearing superstar class mate, over your cigarette smoking too cool for school bus mate. The older you get the clearer it is that what you thought you knew between 10–20, you had zero clue what you were talking about. The influences in your life change as your life change.

The one thing you are called to between ages 10 – 20 is Do Not Fcuk Up Your Life. Run away from exciting. Run far away. Run, run, run. You won’t able to, but do your best.

So, 10–20, listen to wise people. Not people only you think is wise, but people whose life depicts wisdom. Find a monk and read their book. Read the Bible for yourself. You are at your most potent age to self destruct, while the law doesn’t allow for you to be locked indoors for your own protection, still do your best to not ruin your life.

The one advise I remember soundly from my dad during the ages of my first block was a story of a young girl who took a stick to the eye while playing. This was someone else’s mistake. Kids playing, mistakenly swing and boom the stick goes into the face of the unsuspecting girl and just like you thought, she lost her eye. This, at the time was my first introduction to money doesn’t buy everything. Eye is very important because you cannot replace it. This also, now thinking back, was my first introduction to OPM. Other People’s Mistake. May we not lose our lives because of the mistake of others.

That’s enough for Block one. Let’s move on.

Block Two: 20–30.

At this stage you are literally a god. With a small “g”. You literally have super powers. Young girls begin to come into this knowledge, just as young boys who aren’t crying from heart breaks also begin to come into this knowledge.

Young man, you can lift up a car if you wanted to, your bravado is just kicking in and you feel as though you’re here to collect. The world owes you. At this stage you are practically untouchable — if you play your cards right. Get it? You would have to play your cards right. Aint nothing for free. If you are foolish, no celebration for you.

In my twenties, I stumbled on a knowledge and immediately wrote it down, something about your twenties is not the time to party but the time to amass wealth. The writer mentions something around the idea of “don’t think you have a decade to get ready”, be started already, plan your retirement. Leave the trinklets and shiny things. Now, I say, save, save, save or better still invest, invest, invest.

While your twenties is supposed to be fun, fun, fun, — this is how they (the imaginary they) get you, instead make it home, home, home. I remember reading, again in my twenties that those who go have fun, fun, fun in their twenties, pissing away their most important block, end up working for those who took advantage of their twenties. Life isn’t fair, especially if you follow the herd. You have to first think for yourself and learn from those before you.

I know, there would be that one person who says “you can do both”. “You don’t have to live like a granny in your block of freedom”. And I’m jumping and shouting yes, yes, yes that is exactly my point. Live like an old soul. Live like an old soul!!

What is grandma investing in? Invest in that too! What time does grandpa go to bed, go to bed that same time too!!! I cannot stress it enough. Let the party goers, the twerkers come to you for employment ten years down the road. A bit too judgmental, my apologies I got too excited at the huge opportunity available to the all powerful twenty something year olds. If only they don’t piss away that decade but the joke of life is almost no one in their twenties give a crap about retirement. Retirement is for old people.

During your block of 20–30, you want to set up your life for a smooth-ful living. You might not know your purpose, that’s ok. Invest. You might not know what you like, that’s alright, wake up and go to work then go straight home. You might not know what makes you happy, it’s just fine my dear, put down the vaping pen, in fact throw it in the trash then take out the trash and lie awake, yes, lay there, turn off your phone, and lay there every night, until your body begins to reset and you begin to form a healthy sleep routine.

Fun is still fun in your thirties, forties, fifties. You think people in their sixties don’t have fun? haha jokes on you. You think people in their fifties don’t get laid? haha don’t make me laugh. Fun is fun regardless of age, but work is not work. Do you understand?

A 40 year old, a 50 year old, even a 60 yr old could still get more tail than a 20 yr old, I know, I know, we shouldn’t be profiling our elders. We should respect the privacy of our seniors. I know. But that’s just cold facts. Get your vision in other, you will not miss out on anything. You can only go to college once, true, instead of going to class drunk, make that student loan count. But again, the joke of life is this is only clear to those above 30 and out of college.

My high school teacher, years after high school, impacted my life in a way he didn’t know. Mr Ayeni. In the first year or two that I used Facebook, I think I was in college then, I wrote a status about wanting to chill as opposed to work and school and he replied the post with something around the lines of you would always have time to chill but not always have time to work. So work now, chill later. And just like that he went from mean ol’ Literature teacher to mindset adjuster.

You can see I’ve been trying to chill ever since I could spell my name but I had to work two jobs, three for a brief period, for most of my twenties. Life aint no roses, whoever told you different.

Alright, wrapping up block two.

Take investment opportunities as they open up. While you might not have come into the knowledge of who you are, what you want and what you like, the essential wisdom is this:

Regardless of who God has called you to be, regardless of what you want out of life, regardless of what you like, you will need money to accomplish said dream or wants. That’s one.

Two, you will get old. Yes, just like the grandpa would takes five minutes to come out of the car or the grandma who takes forever to walk through the glass door at the grocery store, soon and very soon, you will get old just like them and you will need money to live.

If you were born into money, double work for you because you have to fight all basic instincts to make something out of your life. Go make your own money. Mentally give Daddy and Mommy’s money to your grandchildren and go make your own money.

Block 20–30 is about education, experience and investment.

You’re right, no place for getting laid, starting a family, or having fun. If you can include those without losing sight of the three then good luck to you, whatever you do, do not be foolish.

Education, (work) Experience and Investment. Let’s move on.

Block three: 30–40

This is the first time you will realize you actually have some sense. Life is a big bonanza of repetition. You can read the signs now. Imagine moving to Japan and for a good while you just can’t make sense of the traffic signs, because foreign language. This block 30–40, this is that moment when you can all of a sudden make sense of the sign, you realize in shock, wait I can now read Japanese? you somehow intuitively, now know that this sign reads “right turn only”. That’s 30–40. You’re now starting to have some sense.

Hopefully, you haven’t made uneraseable mistakes in blocks one and two, at this point, block three, you are called to improvement. You are basically the maintenance man at apartment buildings. You are the handy man. Your education now is not about school education, no, your education is about world education. You should now know Africa is not a country. You should know America is not a continent. You should know Asia covers Asian countries and the price of milk is roughly twice that of eggs. At this stage, you should be knowing something - continuous tense. For the first time you now have enough sense to care what is going on in and around the world, because investment, because retirement.

Block three is all about development, not growth. Develop your mind into thinking like a responsible adult. If you lived your block two correctly, at this point, you would be loving life, like me. You could dance everyday if you wanted to, like Grandpa Warren B. You understand?

Now if you’ve made uneraseable mistakes, then too bad for you, your potential is limited but no sad story for you. You’ve just got to put in more work to make up for time. You absolutely have to do your very best to still reach the height of your God given potential, in spite of the mistakes you entangled yourself in. Everybody has a story, keep yours to the side and make something of yourself. No excuses.

You cannot be sick in the head in block three. So if you have to go to therapy, counseling, AA, AAA, BBB or whatever acronym there is to get you right, this is the time. There’s not much sadder than a foolish 40 year old. I told you that before. So this is your block to be healthy. To be of a sound mind. You can’t sleep at night? you fix it here. You don’t exercise? you begin here. You don’t know how to fcuk? You change that here. You don’t know how to swim? Here. You don’t know how to cook? Here. You don’t know nothing about the opposite sex? now, here, you learn it here. You don’t know how to be a good parent? Here. You don’t know how to smoke? Good. Leave it like that. The bad habits you didn’t pick up or were able to kick off in your 20s, leave them dead. Remember, you’re not too old to fcuk up your life, don’t start now. My apologies with the language, will clean up now.

You should know how to be a good friend in block three. You should know the types of people you don’t get along with, you should know the personality traits you’re allergic to. Trust me there’s some foolishness that would make you act out of character. Well don’t act out of character, identify them and separate yourself from what you’re allergic to, all of that happens in block three.

You should know how to be romantic in block three, how to plan an awesome date. You should know what you want from life, what you want from a partner, what you want in a business, where you want to live, you should know, you should know, this is the era of knowing. No “I dont know”. No, you should know. Choose something. You either like it hot or cold, you either lay on your left side or your right, you either can see afar off or you cant, there is little guessing. When you reach block three, you should be knowing.

Do you get it? Fine.

Block Four. 40–50

At this point, you are a Man. At this point, you are a Woman.

You are the best version of yourself. If you’re a pain to be around, the book is almost closed, that’s just who you are. Hence, nobody would be around. If you are a snorer, the book is almost closed, unless there’s new technology tomorrow, chances are your spouse just has to let you sleep on the couch because a snorer you have been called to be. If you talk in your sleep? well, we just have to take you like that.

Block four is about accepting self and giving of self. There is no block where you are allowed to be foolish. So, no point bringing that up. For Block four, you are called to be your best self, always.

I believe and live my life according to this: If we only have one life, it should be the best life ever.

Block four is where you put this into practice, if you haven’t been able to earlier. Block 40 — 50 is about giving of self, what that means, at this stage you should know what you’re good at and what pulls your hair. You simply stay away from hair pulling, and put in more time in things you’re good at.

You should have areas in your life where you help others. Not a suggestion but a must. You are the mothers and fathers of society. Remember the TV mom and dad when you were growing up? great, that’s you now. You are the George Jefferson and Wezzie of our time. You are also the block whose friendliness impacts society.

Do you know for customer service reps, I was one of them, the age group who are the meanest, do you want to guess? Exactly! middle aged people are by far, by a very far, the meanest humans on earth. Give them a telephone with a compliant and they are given a license to be rude and offensive. Read this again: The Meanest People Alive Are Middle Aged Humans.

It’s like they come into this knowledge of “this is who I am” as they’re supposed to in this block, and they just shower people with how much they’ve empowered themselves to be, they’re not hiding it, they believe the world works for them and every grievance is a major inconvenience. Come down your high horse middle aged, you’re still human like the rest of us. Go find someone to be kind to.

Block Five: 50–60

At this point, you drive slow in traffic. You just do. You are in no kind of hurry to be anywhere, at any time. You could give a bird’s wing if its summer or winter, just leave you where you are, and leave you alone.

By this block, people are becoming more antisocial. The few people that are close to them are pretty much the people they would die knowing. They have successfully eliminated people who upset them either by breaking up with them or killing them, I joke, I joke. Hopefully, just separating from them.

And, the ones they cannot separate from they come to accept as a forever thorn on their side. At this age, people are more likely to remarry the same person they divorced because pattern is a stubborn goat. Block Five is all about the registered routine. Block Five parks at the same spot, get to work at the same time, travel to the same destination, go to the same restaurant, live in the same city, stay in the same house, have the same friends, watch the same station, buy the same grocery, call the same plumber. You get the point. Routine and familiarity is the air they breathe. Mess up their routine and see insanity.

A block fiver does things they would rather do, not things they have to do. They don’t even do things you want them to do. They invest themselves in learning those things that they weren’t able to do “because Mama said no”. It is not uncommon for a Fiver to get their first tattoo. Or, become uncontrollably promiscuous or uncontrollably hot for their partner. Fivers join membership clubs and sensible adventures quickly. If it’s happening and they can do it, they’re there.

Things they were too broke to do, too scared to do, to heartbroken to do, not cool enough to do. They find a small sliver of adventurousness and they hold on to it. There are also some Fivers who become even more antisocial — these 50–60 stay far away from anything that could mess up their bone structure, mess up their mind or their comfort. It’s one or the other, but more of the spontaneous adventurer than the antisocial.

This is also the block of grandkids, and being reintroduced to the notion that people die. You don’t just know it in theory but are now experiencing it in practice. Everybody 50 and above knows atleast one person that’s dead. Not someone they heard on the news, no, someone they knew personally who’s passed away. Go ahead, put it to test, ask anyone you know whose 60.

Block five is the beginning, the official starting point of Legacy.
At this point, if you’ve lived correctly, you’ve been wise and not foolish, at this point, you should have something to give your kids.

Block Six: 60–70

At this point I should be able to look at your life and tell you who you are. If you’re an awful father, you don’t have to tell us. We can look at your life and see for ourselves. At this block, we know if you know what you’re talking about or if you don’t. You don’t have to introduce yourself, people can look at the works of your life and determine for themselves if you were someone who does what they say they would, someone who shows up on time, someone who takes anything serious, someone worth listening to, someone who showers, someone with no self control, someone who is sick either mentally or internally. At this point, your life begins to be on full display for the attentive to see. You have nowhere to hide. Another of life’s little jokes.

Remember, you are called to give at least four blocks of your life to your kids, so they’re best adjusted for this big world. If you had kids in block three, then you still have one more block of work to go, you cannot die yet. Or, maybe you’re now investing in your grand babies. If you have kids in block two, your job is pretty much done. If your children are not smart by now, they’re not going to be (any) smart(er). Wish them well and pray for them from the sidelines. It’s either you were a terrible teacher or they were a “learn by my own experience” aka foolish student. You’ve done your best, prepare to meet your maker.

Block six is about taking things slow, not rushing to death, putting things in order. Stepping on the breaks super hard. Checking, cross checking, triple checking everything you eat, buy, poop and sell. There is a total of zero chances to make a mistake.

Block six is not interested in learning anything new. If you have a Block Sixer in your family, the best thing to do is do the work then give it to them to sign as you explain it to them. If its a new waza waza terminology, they have no interest in finding out about it. The kids take a more inclusive role in their life. That is if they trust you enough to let you. Block sixers can be very stubborn but not as stubborn and Block Seven.

At this block, your investments are being discussed, your living trust should be set up, you should know which of your kid is getting what, even if they don’t know, you at least should know. I plan to give my stuff to my grandkids and hopefully their kids. I personally believe inheritance should skip a generation. So my parents’ gifting would go to my kids, and mine to their kids. I know, I spend hours everyday planning my life. Everyday. If i’m awake I’m thinking. If I’m thinking, I’m planning. Remember block 3? Know your strengths. Learn every good thing. Same for you. By Block Six, you’re officially an old timer, not a lot of things scare you but youre scared of a lot of things. Block sixers are very very aware of their mortality. Very conscious of it. They are very careful, too careful, they are very very conscious of their mortality. Nothing scary, no bad news, nothing out of the ordinary, they are few seconds from a massive heart attack, no roller coasters. Just allow them the peace to live out each day suspicious of the next day. At this point, we introduce the phrase. “Handle With Care”.

Block Seven. 70–80.

At this point, the only thing to say is, Welcome.
Your life is pretty much done. Not in a sad way, but in a congratulations way. You should have accomplished all you came to this world to accomplish. This is not a time to have kids, do what you want, but this is not a time to a father a child. This is not a time to work 80 hours a week. No. This is not a time to fight with your kids. This is not a time to catch a criminal case. This is not a time to get into bar fights. You can still be useful, you can be productive but at your own preferred pace and preference. You shouldn’t be working to feed, essentially. Hopefully.

At this point, you should be celebrated everywhere you go. You board the aircraft first, you get attended to first, you get listened to (because you picked up valuable wisdom along the way and can read the room and have high emotional intelligence, please don’t be a fool at 80, that would be a complete waste to everyone), you get discounts everywhere. People stand up for you to sit, people wait for you to walk, you receive hints of respect and internal salutation wherever you go. If you lived a good life, at this point, you’ve overcome.

At this age, you’re like an Oracle. Not the computer company but the actual meaning of an Oracle. You are someone people should come to, people should want to come to for knowledge. When you talk, people shut up.

Going back to my customer service days, do you know the most chatty people? the people you can’t seem to get off the phone after you’ve resolved whatever complaints they had? You are a genius, you guessed it right. People in their evening days, the 70s and above they are the most chatty. They would tell you their life story, the men would tell you about serving in this war or the other, the women would tell you about their babies, you would think her child is infact a kid until you realize she’s talking about a 50 year old “baby”, her baby. She’d go on to tell you about how proud she is of her little grand children, the moms would tell you of their one unmarried daughter, the fathers would tell you to travel the world, learn cultures and languages and live a life of no regret.

Do you also know the loneliest and most unseen block? Yup, you guessed it. Don’t wait till you’re 70 to have a relationship with your kids or to be in the life of your grandkids or to join a community. Don’t wait till youre 70 to have friends, start now.

I have in my personal study book, sayings, verbatim, of knowledge shared with me from wise seniors on how to tailor my life. They know they’d never see me face to face but at this point, block seven is trying to get out every wisdom thats inside them. they are a complete open book. An untapped resource. the ones still in their right mind wants to share everything they know about everything. And I’ll share one with you.

I would not include his name, he said I am not who you think I am, I am not who I think I am, I am who I think you think I am. Imagine that.

Do you think I had ever heard that line before? No, never. Do you think since that day I forgot that knowledge, No, not for one day. I wrote it out exactly as he said it without having to go consult my book to find what he said. Read that again and begin to pick out the humongous knowledge between the lines. Do you see how your life is impacted based on perception?

Block 7 is the golden age. At this point whatever hasn’t been accomplished is more likely to never be accomplished. Whatever you are working on, you should begin to pass to the next generation. Whatever you know, you should begin to share. What you don’t share, you will be taking with you to the grave.

A person who’s lived a good life is most optimistic when they arrive Block 7. While those who wasted time are in a hurry when they reach Block 7.

Most of the worries people in their 20s, 30s and 40s share with block 7, there is always this ease and version of “don’t worry, be happy” message that they respond with. Oh, you have a wayward child, block 7 would say, show them love, they’d come around. Oh, you have money issues, block 7 would say, roll up your sleeves and go to work. Take the job that comes (even if your overqualified) not (wait around for) the job that you qualify for.

Block 7 is simultaneously tired of the routine of sleep, wake and eat but they are also at 100% energy of their 20% battery. They want to experience all they can now because deep down they know this is it. After this, their mind either begins to slip significantly or their body cant keep up anymore.

They are most loving and forgiving because they know soon enough their loved spouse will pass away, if they haven’t already.

To Block 7, life as you know it is not life to them, its almost unrecognizable, like a prolonged dream or a gradually revealing la la land.

The people they started with (parents, friends, teachers, pastors) are long gone. The people they’re ending with are relatively new to them (their neighbors, grandkids, doctors). They live in-between the sadness of what’s lost, only alive in memory, and the joy of what’s now, soon to be incapable of participating in.

At this point, your kids should know what you expect from them to take over from you. What you expect from them as you progress to your end. What you expect from them as they become parents.

At this stage, you reap what you sow. If you were fruitful in your 20s, it’d show. If you were reckless in your 30s, you’d pay for it. If you were stupid in your 40s, your conscience would serve you your punishment, if you were helpful to others in your 50s, your conscience would serve you peace as your reward.

After block 7, you are to be carried like a new born baby that could break a bone if dropped, you go easier than before and you invest in memories and significant, quality time. Your very best you are to give your family and humanity. Get your forgiveness, give your forgiveness and congratulate yourself for a life well lived.

I’ve given you a lot today, I hope it helps you.

You notice I did not talk about love, yes. That’s because you don’t go looking for love, it’s not up to you to go find love, love comes and love goes. But it is up to you to have peace.

Don’t ever do what would rob you of your Peace. There is no wiser admonishment.

It is up to you to be of a sound mind, be mentally alright, to be mentally healthy so when love comes, you can be present and enjoy the love. Giving your best love and when love goes, if it goes, to be alright knowing you gave your best.

It is not up to you to find love but it is up to you to be mentally healthy, you cant jump off a bridge because someone broke up with you, you understand? And someone will break your heart.

Love comes, love goes, until love comes and never goes. In the meantime, learn, improve on how to give your best love, making sure the other times love went, it did not take your loving heart with it, you’re not useful to anyone if you have a heart of stone. You have to hold on to being loving and loveable even though knuckle heads break your heart. You understand.

In all that we’ve shared today, I want you to know you have a lot of power over how your life turns out.

You have to decide what your life would count for. You have to decide that your life would count for something. You have to want something. You have to go after something. No matter how much you’ve acquired you have to still want something, not necessarily to pile on what you’ve got but you could learn a skill to help another person.

You have to have something you’re going after, everything isn’t about money. Money is just one thing, get it and get something else. How about Peace, how about Friends, how about Tennis, how about Swimming, how about becoming a Music Producer or a Photographer. Always have something you’re passionate about. You cannot be passionate about women, be passionate about agriculture or some other non selfish activity.

You understand what I’m saying, I’m not being too hard or unreasonable, I want instead for you to know your life isnt just for you. Your opportunities isnt just for your enjoyment. Your wealth, no matter how little it is, isn’t just for you. Life is to be shared. Help another without expecting anything in return. You dont have to know them to help them. Shoot, you dont have to like them to help them. You dont have to agree with their lifestyle to help them. It’s not for you to decide who to help and who to not help, but instead for you to help who needs help.

Whichever block you’re in, its not too late, even if you’re 79. You can still teach your kids and grandkids about legacy. About your failures and how to avoid those traps of life. Six years ago I had to learn my grand parents failures and since then I’ve been planning my life to not fall into the same traps of life as they did. Do you understand? Regardless of your age you can still make an impact. And if you don’t have kids or grandkids, well help someone else’s kids and grandkids. Make humanity better.

Go to the library and read to kids, write online for someone to read, go outside and hand out flyers, join a church. Be counted.

It is not enough to be alive, we have to positively impact our lives and the lives of those we are responsible for and the lives of our neighbors. You cannot be 79 and finding your purpose, you should be 79 and wrapping up your life’s work. Handing over, for the next generation to run their race.

I’ll leave you with this question. I thought of this last week and I do not know the answer. It is actually concerning to answer because the answer would expose the weakness in my thinking, obviously I am not super interested in finding out the weakness in my thinking, I mean who wants to know the limitation of their thinking?

But I will leave this question here, so years down the road when I’m reading this article, either thinking how great life is or wandering how jacked up life is, I will find this question that I would have forgotten about and see if I did grow between now and then. I’ll probably still be the same but there’s no harm in hoping. You also, pay attention to the first answer that comes to mind when you encounter the quesion.

Ready? Here goes.

As you read the next line, be truthful to yourself.

Would you rather start something you could finish, or would you rather start something that doesn’t end?

Be careful, like I said, it’s a tricky question.

With Love,

Famous Steve.