How Do You Improve Life and Society? Well, The Truth Burns.

Yes, we know it’s a good thing to improve from where you are to where you can be, but how do you do it?” I often wonder.

As I go from place to place, I sometimes find myself in situations where I just stare at a rich man and think, just how did he become so rich? I could look at a successful person and think just how did they attain such success?

As a form of self reflection, I realize the main reason for asking is so I can improve myself. Either be as wealthy as I’d want or become as successful as I can be. However, asking a man who has never been blind to tell you how he gained his sight, is like asking a child how he could afford diapers. They have no idea.

When it comes to tips on success or insights to wealth, it is more beneficial and motivating if the information comes from someone who was once in a similar economical or societal predicament as I am, from which they literally rose to new heights.

The bigger issue to poverty and unmotivated youths can be traced to the lack of access to opposite examples. We see what we become.

Those who are influenced don’t recognize the influencing and those who are not actively influenced are not concerned about the quality and effects of the influence.

Let’s unpack that claim.

What it boils down to is this: the young man walking on the side of the road with his pants below his waist is a result of the likes of you and I not being as easily seen — well dressed and appropriate.

It’s more convenient to think, his problem is not my problem but the truth of the matter is, his example gets impacted to the next young mind and that to the next young mind. Thanks to individualism, we’re not really concerned about the suffering of another unless it directly affects us, hence our fast pace to moral decline.

The young lady who gets pregnant at 16 is a direct result of the likes of you and I not showing enough examples of what a 16 year old should be burdened with, like developing her talents and finding interests that are not found below her belly button.

People eventually become what they see and multiple shows dedicated to underage and pregnant is not forward moving.

I’ve always been an advocate for an improved media culture. The majority of societal psychological dysfunction is as a result of negative media. It is possible we place too much responsibility on media, well heavy wears the crown.

If you’re going to broadcast to millions of people, then it’d be short sighted to depict a culture as fatherless every single time on every commercial, every day and not think about how it affects the people of that culture. People eventually become what they see and a lot of people see.

If millions are attached to every broadcasted word, focusing on all the negatives tend to disturb the viewer, even without the viewer’s knowledge.

It’s all relative. The conditions of a starving man in Antartica is related to the excess food in Hungary. The excess plastic in a small town in New Mexico is related to the dead fishes in Tanzania. A success movie about wife beating increases wife beaters. If you’ve noticed, every crime movie makes sure the criminal is locked up or killed, this is not by accident, law enforcement recognize the impact of story telling and broadcasting but it’s ok to glorify the foolishness of a few and impact the future of millions of gullible viewers? Don’t praise criminality but glorify increased chances of STD?

We’re not seeking a balance, that’s a far cry but we can work on an improvement in the overall positivity of our society.

A slight positive change in your life creates a ripple effect in someone else’s, even if all it does is to make them question, what if? — What if I improved for better? — What if I behave more sensible like him? They don’t have to change but they deserve to know the possibility is possible for them.

Relating this logic back to the question of how do you become successful? Well I’ll tell you.

For the multitude of us who did not grow up with a multimillion dollar company associated with our name — we have to work for success.

I carefully chose the word work not just to depict how relevant sacrifice is to success but to remind myself and you that success is just like any other notable achievement in life, you have to literally put in work and work the situation.

Sacrifice + Taking Charge.

You have to be ready to do what’s required for your situation, legally.

You have to be ready to work the situation to fit your circumstance. This can be achieved by seeking out a real life person who either looks like you or is from where you’re from or has some other form of similarities as yourself, someone you can aspire to be like.

You have to be ready to be of value to yourself and those who reach down to pull you up.

Don’t be an empty vessel. A vessel who stays empty regardless of how much is poured into it.

Be ready. Have some substance of your own by knowing where you are in life, a true self assessment, take classes to improve yourself then retain every good thing poured into you. To show growth, you would have to reward your inspirer by blossoming from a flower into a garden.

How do you attain wealth?

You have to look for someone who inspires you with the wealth they have. You don’t become if you don’t aspire to be. You don’t aspire, if you don’t have an image to inspire you. It’s all related.

It’s easier to not lose your way if you have someone you aspire to be like.

We missed it as a society when children who were raised without fathers became adults who aspired to be the missing link but with no regard to anyone else that could inspire them on who a good Father is and how a good Father should act.

So instead, we make another mistake, trying to correct the first mistake.

You can’t ignore those who might know more than you, who have experienced more than you and expect yourself to “know it all”.

You can’t reject every Apple on the planet because the tree in your front yard was crooked.

An example from someone else’s life corrects the mistakes you’re yet to make.

People who become successful or wealthy have a mentor, an influencer, a library of knowledge, a diary of mistakes and close calls, they themselves become a project.

Their life become their company and they give their dying blood to maximize the potential of their “company”.

You can’t do it by yourself. The few who do are the exception, you are the rule.

Don’t sacrifice all your sweat but leave everything else at the mercy of others, that’s a quick way to be discouraged.

Sacrifice + Taking Charge will get you to every good destination your heart desires.

Take the front row seat in your success but bring others with you and let others offer you guidance.

With Love,

Famous Steve.




Everything is possible.

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Famous Steve

Famous Steve

Everything is possible.

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