Day 4 | Life: We All Love Glitter.


The way we feel about an action does not determine whether we would engage in that action. Our actions are not entirely based on our feelings. We have the inbuilt strength to willingly carry out certain actions regardless of how we feel about the action.

What I have to have is based on my core. What I want is based on my conditioning. My programming by the society I’ve been most influenced by.

What I have to have then is the differentiator from what I truly want and what I’ve been taught to want. The packaging is often times the issue.

You see the packaging of what you have to have is not at all as exciting, stimulating, invigorating, tasty and pleasing as what you’d want. Yes, once as a little boy, my teachers taught me that all that glitters. . .But don’t be swooned, don’t be confused, we all love glitter. We all love something that glitters. We all love a good story. We all love taking chances. At our very best, we all love the chase of finding something that glitters and is in fact gold. But at what cost? what are the odds? I would say you’re more likely to find what glitters and isn’t gold than you are to find gold that glitters. The goal and focus then being not on finding glitter that is almost gold, but the goal is to find gold that glitters or doesn’t glitter — but gold all the same. This agrees with Jordan Peterson’s ideology of, paraphrasing,“Kill the idea, before the idea kills you”.

Glitter might be what you want. Gold is what you have to have. If you completely go by what you want, you’re most likely to miss what you have to have. Then the chaos and self ruin follows.

A healthy mental state then requires us to use this strength to accomplish things that are good for us regardless of how we feel about the action we have to take to accomplish good things. The issue though is our wires are criss crossed however because too many of us use this superpower in the wrong way. We look up to people who praise their ability in using God given abilities in the wrong way. We’re bombarded by cinematic stories of those who dared and survived, going down the path of death just to feel alive or to see if we can “beat the odds”, is not only stupid and insane but is entirely unnecessary and speaks to the unhealthy mental state one dwells in — especially if you have the option of walking down the path of life with all your limbs and ribs complete. I’m not here to judge, one moment, let me get off my high horse and continue with my point.

Here it is: Why override yourself to commit something that’s not good for you? Instead, override yourself to take on a challenge that is on path to the future you seek, take on a mission that leads to life and Godliness (to live life to the highest/purest form of living one can attain).

You might not feel like making another sales call but it’d be good for your business should you acquire a new client. A healthy mental state requires you override yourself, risk getting cursed at again or maybe finding that new client — easier said than done, yes but that it is not easily done should not mean the option should be overlooked. Often times we bounce back and forth between both operating models (healthy and unhealthy states).


The way we feel about an action, and whether or not we bring ourselves to carry out that action does not impact or define whether that action is good for us or dangerous to us. Because you feel like you should or should not do something does not mean you will do that “something”. Your action is not entirely determined by your feelings. Because you feel a type of way about something and because you decided to do something, does not mean that “something” is good for you. Feelings and actions do not determine effect. Your actions can be right or wrong, your feelings can be an asset or a liability, the simple fact that your mind approves the action does not mean the result of your action will be favorable to you.

We were trained to go by feelings. We were schooled to do “what feels right” to us. “How can it be wrong when it feels so right?”, it becomes no mystery then how society got faced with so many young adults popping out children days after high school, I still remember the shock I had, years ago, when a lady who was 38 years old told me she was a Grandmother.

Don’t be offended. A lot of what we are taught is the root cause of what we struggle with, because at the end of the day, we do what we know. We know by what we’re told.

If you want to be a champion, you have to learn different. Learn different from what’s taught to the herds, if not, you will be just like the herds.

What you do then and what you don’t do. How you feel about something and how you do not feel about a thing. All these come down to what you know of it. Knowledge comes from experience, that’s true. The foundation of most of our lives is designed by what we’ve been taught, not what we thought (from experience). Do you understand what I’m saying?

We are more likely to meet a man who goes hunting because his father went hunting, than we are to meet a man who goes hunting because he just decided to take it on, with no prior history. For the first man, hunting becomes a decision to decide whether or not he wants to engage in simply because of what he was taught as a boy. Same applies to Military families.

Day 5: Masses Aren’t Few. The Few Aren’t Masses.




Everything is possible.

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Everything is possible.

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