Choice: Find Your Stream.

Because it’s a good thing does not mean we should be suspicious of it. Because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean you should run.

I have shared a few times about the concept of Desert and Stream. I realize today that the Stream is the goal in every area of your life. Our obligation is to fight for what we want and only go for what we believe we absolutely want. We give our all. We take the opportunity and we enjoy the opportunity.

Finances. This would be a constant desert, stream, desert combination until you reach a place of comfort. At which point, you’re to make sure to enjoy your finances. Do not work until you drop. Work when it’s time to work and enjoy appropriately. It should be a no brainer but our current generation makes it necessary to point out: Make sure you enjoy. When you reach a place of steady wealth, enjoy the stream. Maintain what you have and leave the desert alone.

Relationship. This would be a long Desert walk but when you find your stream, cultivate it. Enjoy it. Do not fall in love with the Desert. Understand Stream is the goal but do not settle for just any Stream, else you’ll find yourself in the Desert soon thereafter or find yourself tied to a Stream you want to run away from. So, know what you seek, go into the Desert, give your all but remove yourself from the Desert once you reach your Stream.

For a moment imagine your job was to dig for gold. I will tell you, there are two types of gold diggers. The first type would begin collecting the gold once they strike gold. The second type instead of collecting the gold would move further down and begin digging see if they can also find gold there, just how many sides of this field is laced with gold underneath? Think on which gold digger you are.

Life. With our station in life we will always desire. We will always want this or that. Because of the uphill nature of life, majority of us get used to the idea of always fighting, going after something, struggling, facing challenges and motivated by the poisonous thirst for victory that only victory is its antidote. That’s well and good but you have to understand it’s environmental and societal programming. Meaning, it has to be balanced. It is not absolute. My propaganda is not for you to live without purpose, you should have a reason to get out of bed. What I am asking of you is for you to fight when its time to fight, accomplish that which you seek yet knowing or reminding yourself that this is only a phase you have to undertake. And, when you finally reach pinnacle, recognize you’ve reached pinnacle and be satisfied by it. A good life isn’t one of facing challenges. A good life isn’t one of struggling. A good life isn’t one of going after something. A soldier should not only feel alive on the battle field. You see how something could be wrong with that picture. A soldier should feel alive where they are, understanding that life is not always a battlefield. Sometimes your children just wants to laugh and run around the grass chasing caterpillars. Just the same, your life is not to be a constant tail chase. Have a goal. Accomplish that goal. Rest. It is important you enjoy. It is important you learn to enjoy. A breathe might be priceless but it is the most valuable thing you own and if you don’t see it as such, surely you have a lot of work to get your back on the right road of seeing that which is to be seen.

Self. In all matters that pertain to you, it is important to note that you will always have a reason to venture back into the Desert. That is to say the Self is never perfect to the Self. A person can, at any point, list 10 different things that isn’t perfect about themself. Understand, there are indeed characters to improve on, habits to kick, attributes to learn. There are indeed improvement necessary for the self, especially improvements that makes sure you’re not a nuisance. For we conform to society, not as a thoughtless entity but as a responsibility and for the good of all, including ourselves. So, improve self. Know how to talk. Know how to think. Know how to present yourself. Know how to take hygienic care of your self. Know how. With these in mind, also know to take it easy on self, when self is in fact putting in the efforts to improve self. It is your ultimate responsibility to have a proper and healthy relationship with your self. Find ways to stimulate, encourage and promote a safe relationship where your cognitive respects your intuitive, and vice versa. Do not bully the other, do not ignore the other, do not be pretentious or show favoritism to the other. Seek your stream and be happy with who you become.

In life, many things would only come to us after the fact. Hence, why the smartest people are dead. For only them know what it is to have lived and what it is to no longer partake in the confusion of breathing. Don’t wait to be dead to form an idea. Don’t wait to be dead to treat yourself better. Don’t wait to be dead to love a person. Don’t wait to be dead to try new things. Don’t wait to be dead to figure out what else you can learn. Don’t wait to be dead to rest. Don’t wait to be dead to learn that life is all you have. And the Desert is designed to kill you. Chasing a dream is designed to ruin you. So chase sensibly. Chase that which deserves chasing. A gladiator who only fights would be killed. It’s not a curse, it’s not bad luck. It’s simple facts. The Stream would care for you but don’t die of gluttony.

You will be surprised how many people are unsatisfied with winning. When I studied the life of Ayrton Senna, I myself was surprised how after winning a Champion, his interview statements were about winning the next Champion and nothing of the present victory he just accomplished. I don’t know better than the World Champion but I know that is not to be. Of what use is where you are if you don’t see where you are? Hats off to Professional Boxers, Professional NFL players, Formula One Drivers, Pilots, Military officials who voluntarily chose retirement and enjoyed their days after their chosen duty.

Life is a balance. And there’s an art, there’s a balance to finding and maintaining a balance. Adjust as necessary.

You can be all you wish to become. First you have to wish. Then you have to bargain with the Desert to prove your worth but finally, you have to bask in that which you’ve wished to become. So wish wisely, for that is the only way to like who you become.

See what is in front of you.

With Love,

Famous Steve.




Everything is possible.

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Famous Steve

Famous Steve

Everything is possible.

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