Caution Approaching Success. Side Effects: Envy, Jealousy, Rage.

Every normal individual wants a successful person. We are awed by achievers. Success is a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing with very sharp thorns.

I’ve heard people say once they win the lottery, they’d change their phone numbers, change their names, not contact anybody, not even family members, they’d pack up and move far (to a different country). I always thought of it as not being genuine but just maybe they were on to something.

There is almost no manual on how life changes with little successes, but be prepared, life changes.

It’s true humans are naturally selfish. Self interest and self preservation is the priority of many. I get that, however it seems success brings out this trait more heavily from those around you. Especially from those who knew you from “before”.

I told someone becoming successful might be the closest experience men get, similar to the experience of a pretty lady with perky tits, everyone on the block wants some. I cannot begin to imagine how strenuous it must be for perky tits and successful women.

Anyways, the point is — success is attractive. What I find upsetting is the amount of fallacy people would tell themselves to motivate themselves to latch on to a successful person. You almost can’t shake them off.

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about personal experiences as I attain some “success”. I’m not even rich yet. I am comfortable and have some nice things but my goodness, what is it with people?

Some — on one corner claim “they made you”, others claim you owe them your achievements. Another group lament on how you’ve changed and they can no longer relate to you.

To your left, you hear some say they are happy for you, but their next statement is about something you could do for them. Then, there are those who say “you don’t spend enough time with me” or “you’re here but you’re not here”. Then there are those who call you endlessly, only when they need something. This is tasking.

I don’t know where you are in life, I hope your dealings with people do not put you in a tight spot. I hope you don’t begin to believe their lies. I hope you don’t make their version of truth trump what you know to be true.

I hope you don’t try to “save everyone in the world” or attempt to please everyone. I hope you also remember to put your self interest in check. Don’t over expose yourself to the interests, opinions and expectations of others. Your self interest is probably the least of their worries. You cannot please the world. Even if you cut off your right hand for them, it wont be enough.

You might already know this. I definitely need this reminder. People are fickle. Many of them cannot be trusted. As you progress in life, there would be others who’s ultimate joy in life would be to see you fall. There’d be people who’s only mission in life is to ruin you, even if you’ve never done a thing or said a thing to them. The more success you attain, the brighter you shine.
The brighter you shine, the more of a threat you are to people. And, people do not like threats. People also do not like reminders of what they could have achieved.

We won’t of course choose not to be successful. We all have the same 24hours. We all have the option to exercise and expand our minds. We all have the option to take a calculated risk. We all have the option to want more out of life. We all have the option to put our habits in check. We all have the option to work harder than everyone else and smarter than everyone else.
Yes our upbringing might play a role or two, but at the end of the day there are almost as many successful, very rich people who started from poor families as there are trust fund kids.

At every level in life, people want what you have. Getting it is hard enough, but it doesn’t end there. You have to protect it, sometimes with your life.

God grant us the power to attain wealth and the opportunity to enjoy it and the wisdom to protect it.

With Love,

Famous Steve




Everything is possible.

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Famous Steve

Famous Steve

Everything is possible.

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